Govt money 2024 tech site Bangla

Govt money 2024 tech site Bangla: At present, millions of taka can be earned from online sitting at home. For this, you will only need a smartphone and an internet connection. Social media platforms are one of the places to earn. For this, even if you do not have any special skills or degrees, you can earn them. You just have to have the will and the right platform.

Let’s know how to easily earn money at home online-

Online Business
You can do business by opening a page on Facebook. Currently, online is a big platform for businesses. Millions of rupees a month can be earned from here. But for this, you have to think a little creatively. If you do business with traditional products, there may not be much profit.

Page Moderator
To do an online business, you have to have a lot of capital. If it is not there, then it can be earned by moderating the pages of others. You can do it at home. Taking product orders, moderating the page, updating the product, and replying to the comments are basically the things to do. You can earn a lot of money in the month.

Freelancing is one of the ways to earn money at home. Which is done through the online marketplace. At present, there are job arrangements in marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr,, People Per Hour, etc. In these marketplaces, you can determine the price of your work as an hour or by providing gig services. You can provide the entire service of freelancing at home. You can even understand your income through various online payments and banks.

Govt money 2024 tech site Bangla

Govt money 2024 tech site Bangla

Govt money 2023 tech site BanglaGovt money 2024 tech site Bangla 1

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Blogging is another way to earn money at home. Your day’s work, or cooking. It can be anything. Upload the video to various social media including Facebook and YouTube. You can earn millions of rupees a month from here. That’s why you can think of doing something unique. Then you will get more views.

Online Tutoring
If you can sing, paint or dance, you can do tuition online. Not only to learn mathematics or English, but now students take the help of YouTube to learn these different subjects. Open channels and upload your various classes on Facebook and YouTube.

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Online Income from Google Adsense
To earn money online from the website or YouTube, the first thing that comes up is Google Adsense. If you have a website or YouTube channel, ads for AdSense will be displayed by Google in different places on that YouTube channel or blog. If the visitors to your site click on that ad, you can earn apart from the ad.

It is also not specific how much income is earned per click from Google Adsense. However, depending on different countries, the price per click ranges from $0.01 to $100. It depends on your content quality, content type, and country.

Online income by affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is another popular means of online income by creating websites. Through affiliate marketing, you will basically try to sell it by promoting various products on your website as a third party. If a company’s product is sold, it usually pays a commission of 2% to 70% on the sale of that company products. If you have a good quality website and it has good visitors, then you can earn online income by selling the product by putting in any affiliate link if you want.

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing is a very popular way to earn online income in Bangladesh. These affiliate websites try to sell the good aspects of Amazon’s various products. The commission when the product is sold!


Online income by becoming a website and app tester
A website and app tester works as a third party to see how a website or app is working, and whether visitors are getting the right service or not. And by testing this website and app, many people earn online income.

When visiting many websites, it is seen that it is taking time to load, or the app is crashing. These things happen all the time, due to which there is a lot of demand for testers. As a website or app tester, your job will be to take care that these two are available to users. In most cases, you can earn 10-20 dollars an hour by doing this online work.

Online income via kindle ebook
If you have the desire or experience of writing, then you can publish your writing to millions of people with the help of Amazon Kindle. With the help of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, you can easily publish any book by writing it digitally. Basically, a book can be prepared for sale to a lot of people online within 24 to 48 hours through Amazon’s global network and Amazon’s e-commerce.

You can publish books in different categories with the help of Amazon KDP. And you will also decide the price of the book yourself. The money from the sale of the book will go to your PayPal or bank account.

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